Converting to a New Blog Engine Shortly...

Posted over 3 years ago

Then next free four or five consecutive set of week nights I have, I fully intend on converting to a reputable blog engine. It has been a learning experience developing a basic blogging site with the most obvious lesson being how much work is involved in a blog engine, work I would rather spend developing something I am more interested in.

I have been looking into blogger, tumblr and wordpress and I am also considering bloggart by detronizator all of which seem viable options.

I have concluded the most difficult part of creating a blog engine is making the content available to as many people as the big blog engines do. I have also concluded that the most important thing when writing a blog isn't getting people to read the content. I have found the most important aspect of writing a blog is clearing up and clarifying my thoughts through documenting them.

So why am I converting to another blog engine? My girlfriend recently started a cooking blog mybiriyaniopus, which is twice as interesting and useful as anything I write here so I strongly recommend you try it. mybiriyaniopus uses wordpress which not only has a very nice admin interface and some great features but also provided her with the same amount of hits in her first day than I usually get in a month (although she does has more friends than me to tell).

So general page SEO is obviously better and with the added linkage between blogs with engines like bloggart and tumblr, the ability to write any dribble and have it made available to a much wider audience as well as the clean easy user interfaces makes it a a no brainer. I will continue to host this site and duplicate content with the possibility that some day I will return and get this engine to number one in google rankings (but only if I write a blog about my mech eng dissertation 'the complete automation of the manufacture of e-glass epoxy through pultrusion' and someone poor engineering student like myself has the same dissertation title).

Despite all that I have said, good content makes a good blog and hopefully one day I will have that as well.

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